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Ballet Preljocaj chose this season to host two choreographers in residence : Islam El Shafey and Yan Giraldou. They will use the studios of the Pavillon Noir for their rehearsals and the stage of the Theatre to finish their creations. Many appointments are organized where you can go and meet these artists.









Taking place simultaneously in Aix and Johannesburg, Yann Lheureux gets two groups of dancers dancing so that they attempt the same movement together: “becoming animal”.


Taking place simultaneously in Aix and Johannesburg, Yann Lheureux gets two groups of dancers dancing so that they attempt the same movement together: “becoming animal”.




In Grand Hôtel, the rooms are doubles, some welcoming, some uncomfortable, and these opposites are played on, providing a source of sensorial and spatial exploration.


Hervé Koubi sets off in exploration of his own story in order to bring to life his dreams as a child born in France who only found out about his Algerian origins late in life.





Né à Bozo dans les années 80, Serge Somé intègre la troupe Lang-Serbo de son village en 1992. En 1998, il entre au Ballet National du Burkina et interprète plusieurs pièces d’Irène Tassembedo. En résidence d’avril à juin 2012, elle présentera sa création, Dépigmentation, au Théâtre du Pavillon Noir.


Having trained at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris then at the Junior Ballet, Hervé Chaussard has worked with Angelin Preljocaj for ten years, as well as being involved in projects with Sasha Waltz and Emanuel Gat. He began choreographing his own pieces in 2006 and set up his company Hervé Chaussard & The Will Corporation in 2009.


A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers and a saxophonist when the mood takes him, he discovered dance and attended workshops led by Odile Duboc. Georges Appaix formed his Marseille-based company, La Liseuse, in 1984, bringing dancers, actors and musicians together.


Florent Nikiema et Ida Faho Biemoubon sont issus de l’École Internationale de Danse d’Irène Tassembo de Ouagadougou.
En résidence en avril et mai 2012, ils présenteront leur création, un duo, dans un studio du Pavillon Noir.


Gnagna Gueye a suivi une formation avec Germaine Acogny au Sénégal et a été notamment interprète pour Heddy Maalem.
En résidence d’avril à juin 2012, elle présentera sa création, Dépigmentation, au Théâtre du Pavillon Noir.


With Songook Yaakaar, Germaine Acogny, the “Grande Dame” of contemporary African dance, offers us a view of Africa, its magnificence and its weaknesses, without affectation nor violence but courageous. In this committed, universal solo, which is danced, spoken and supported by video, she shows us that she is still an adventuress who is prepared to take risks. 


La vie en scories is a very personal piece by the Sicilian choreographer Patrizia Lo Sciuto, in which she creates a link between waste, an object that has been used and is no longer useful, and memory, the remains of an emotion that remains stagnant. Not just a memory, but the trace of memory.  


A former dancer from the Ballet Preljocaj, Yan Giraldou offers us Galerie..., a stroll through the great works of painting, an anachronistic history of the representation of women’s bodies in pictorial art from the Renaissance (early 15th Century) to the beginnings of Impressionism (late 19th Century). 




Born in Marseille in 1967, Miguel Nosibor belongs to the first generation of dancers and choreographers from the hip hop movement. he is one of the pioneers who were influenced by the philosophical message of Afrika Bambaataa or the cult TF1 programme Hip Hop, presented by the versatile host Sidney.


Christian Ubl was born in 1972 in Vienna (Austria). He joined in 1997 a professional insertion dance company, "Coline" in Istres then he founded his own company CUBe. Since, Christian Ubl was notably a performer with Abou Lagraa, Michel Kelemenis, Les Carnets Bagouet, Daniel Dobbels, Christiane Blaise, Robert Seyfried, Delphine Gaud and Thomas Lebrun.


Michel Kelemenis founded his company, Kelemenis & Co, in 1987. It has been based in Marseille since 1989 and more than fifty works have been created and performed since then.


Éric Oberdorff founded the Compagnie Humaine in 2002 and since then has presented a form of dance using contact and counter-weight originated from his practice of martial arts.

In "Un autre rêve américain", the goal of the young choreographer is clearly to set his dance in a counterculture tradition.


This young Kenyan dancer choreographer brings a modern style to traditional Massai dance, with exceptional artistic ability.

"A journey into the future" is a personal narrative of an apprenticeship in contemporary convention, while never turning his back on tradition.


David Colas has supported and contributed to the development of Hip Hop dance.

In Art Mony is all about the musicality of the body and movement, which arose out of a personal look back at his own career as a performer highly regarded by his peers.


Combining dance and new media, this interaction between the performers, live DJs, videos and the audience produces a kind of poetry. Sensors attached to the dancers’ bodies trigger a stream of visual effects, while the sound environment promises to take our senses on a journey.


Paola Lo Sciuto was born in Erice, Sicily. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where she lives and works. Her artistic research is represented by various languages such as painting, sculpture, photography and cinema, often in relation or mixed in her performances and exhibitions.


For the first residence at the Pavillon Noir, the Ballet Preljocaj has chosen Christian Ubl, young choreographer borned in Austria. An originale and crazy performance based on the notion of ersatz.


Kettly Noël, choreographer living in Mali, has worked in association with Nelisiwe Xaba on their creation Correspondances.